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Current group members
Mattias Wahde, PhD, Professor, Group leader
Krister Wolff, PhD, Docent, Vice Head of department
Ola Benderius, PhD, Assistant professor
Mauro Bellone, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow
Sina Torabi, PhD student
Luca Caltagirone, PhD student
Carl-Johan Hoel, PhD student

Alumni (previous PhD students)

Peter Lingman, PhD 2006
Jimmy Pettersson, PhD 2006
Peter Forsberg, PhD 2006
Krister Wolff, PhD 2006
Andreas Magnusson, PhD 2008
David Sandberg, PhD 2011
Ola Benderius, PhD 2014
Gustav Markkula, PhD 2015

Stochastic optimization methods (FFR105, FIM711), 1st quarter (Aug. - Oct.)
Intelligent Agents (TME285), 3rd quarter (Jan. - March)  (The course starts on Jan. 16. The web page will be posted around Jan. 10)
Autonomous Robots (TME290), 4th quarter (March - May)
Autonomous Agents (FFR125) 3rd-4th quarters (Jan.-May)  [Replaced by TME285 and TME290, see above]
Humanoid robotics (TIF160, FIM800), 1st quarter (Aug. - Oct.)

The list below contains our current research projects. For completed projects, see the publication list or contact Mattias Wahde.

Miniature vehicle lab (link to be added).

Master theses
For information regarding master theses, click here.
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